The Duta Savana Workshop

from left to right: (1) Rambu Paulina Panda Huki, (2) Salomi Kareri Mudi, (3) Marhareni Kareri Danga Hada Moru, (4) Regina Amrih Palupi, (5) Nancy Ade Lede, (6) Mariana Koku Yowa, (7) Verawaty, (8) Rambu Mariana Wondu, (9) Marlin Tonda Mbitu, (10) Ida Manggal

The Duta Savana Group was founded in Lewa sub district, Sumba, Nusa Tenggara Timur in July 1995. Lewa is situated on the main highway west of Waingapu and is the second largest town in East Sumba. Long the centre of horse breeding, it also has a Dutch mission and a school. Outside town is a spring with cool, clear water. Lewa has a large market, and bus connections to get easily to Tarimbang, or Waingapu.

The Duta Savana Group specified in restoring old traditional local culture, rituals, songs and dance in order to preserve their ancestors´ heritage and knowledge for the young and coming generations. Thus, the Chief of Lewa sub district invited people of Lewa, mostly old men and women as native narrators or sources of local stories and traditions. During such a meeting, they decided to establish a permanent local Art Group and Workshop, specializing on local traditional culture, i.e.:

  • 1. old stories and tales about Sumba, e.g., "The King of Lewa District"
  • 2. old traditional dances and Marapu rituals such as the "Scull Tree Dance", or the "Dance for the homecoming Warriors", among others
  • 3. old traditional songs related to harvest in the fields, stone dragging, house building activities, or child birth, among others
  • 4. modern Pop Songs and contests
  • 5. festivity culture of Sumba, such as marriage rituals, burial ceremonies
  • 6. teaching young people in traditional weaving, musical instruments and handicraft techniques
  • In previous years, the Group has already used their workshop to entertain people at local marriage festivities, or taking part in exhibitions and festivals across East Sumba.

    Their present activity program for the next year includes:

  • performing traditional dance and music at local festivities
  • teaching traditional Sumbanese culture
  • July and August 2002: Exhibition and Festival of Traditional Culture of Sumba in Lewa
  • for direct contact please address:

    Chief of the Duta Savana Group
    Carolus Woza
    Jl. Ahmad Yani 17C
    Waingapu - Sumba Timur - NTT
    Indonesia ( postal code 87111 )
    Phone / Fax : 062 - 0387 - 61449

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