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Tarimbang is a beautiful horseshoe bay, with imposing cliffs on its flanks and reefs on either side of the bay. It is enringed with superb white sand beaches, backed by forest and the reefs provide right and left-hand breaks for surfers. Tarimbang has good barrels when it is working and the waves are all but deserted, but the surf is frickle. Although this is the primarily surfing destination, the reefs shelter the bay so the water close to shore is good for swimming and there is decent snorkelling on the sheltered side of the reef ( video clip ). You'll go a long way to find a more beautiful beach, but you'll also have to go a long way to reach Tarimbang. Tarimbang village has a simple homestay accommodation, please see below. You'll have to walk to the beach, but the last stretch is through shaded forest. Although surf is the main attraction, you may also visit Tamandino, a small marapu village about 1 km walk from Tarimbang.

Places to stay. The friendly Marthenīs Homestay just behind the Church is the best place to stay and costs 100.000 rp per person including meals. Rooms are of very simple bamboo construction with a mattress on the floor, but English is spoken, people are very nice, and the food is good. Another three new bamboo huts with a veranda were just recently constructed ( video clip ). Latest news is, they have satellite telephone  +62 866812124208.

Mathenīs Homestay

Getting there and away. From Denpasar / Bali, there are presently almost daily flights to Waingapu / Sumba served by Trigana Air and Pelita Air costs are around 760.000 rp one way. From Waingapu, presently just a lorry runs to Tarimbang, leaving in the morning - the bumpy trip takes about five hours (20.000 rp). Busses marked `Tabundung`, the name of the district, leave Waingapu, but do not go as far as Tarimbang.Traffic follows the main highway and then turns off just before Lewa. Alternatively, you may reach Tarimbang in about three hours hiring a driver with a car (500.000 rp one way), or a motorbike (100.000 rp per day). The road is sealed all the way, but very narrow and winding. It crosses the bare mountains south of the highway, and runs along the ridge for much of the way, with drop-offs on either side of the road. You strike forest as you descend to the coast.

Original source of information (updated): Indonesia's Eastern Islands. Lonely Planet, 1st Edition, 1998. ISBN 0 86442 503 1

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